Which Summer Camp is for Me?


Summer camp season is just around the corner and we would like as many youth as possible to join the fun and adventures. The question is, which camp is the one(s) for me? Each camp is open to youth ages 10-17 and is six-days overnight in duration. The camps focuses on different themes, so we want to make sure you, guardians and youth alike, pick the camp that that’s right for you.

Youth Odyssey-Scuba pics 020

Getting the hang of SCUBA diving at Nueces Delta Camp

The first of our four camps is the Nueces Delta Adventure Camp which takes place June 7th-12th. As you might have guessed, this camp is located on the Nueces Delta Property and it is all about exploring your own backyard. Your youth will learn all about the local plants and animals while using important skills such as teambuilding, lifeskills, and ‘Leave No Trace’camping practices. Not only will your youth get to explore the Nueces Delta Preserve up close and personal, they will get to go on fun off-site excursions like participating in Youth Odyssey’s ropes course where they will get to climb rock walls and challenge themselves to complete a variety of tasks. They will also have the opportunity to go kayaking, surfing and get a crash course in SCUBA diving (in a pool of course). These are just some of the fun activities we have planned for this camp and if it sounds like your kind of fun then sign up HERE today.



Showing some spirit at Living Local Camp

If your youth is constantly wanting to know where their food comes from then our second summer camp is right up their alley. Our Living Local Camp takes place June 14th-19th and will be based at Mustang Island State Park. This camp is all about learning about the impact we have on our local community. We will be visiting the local farmers market and learning the ins and outs of running a small farm. We will also be working in a local community garden, where we will harvest vegetables, herbs, and sell them at the farmer’s market. That way we get to see the whole cycle, from seed to nurture to harvest to sell. Our multiple visits to the food bank will help us see how we can help our community while also picking up some cooking skills with the foods in season. There will be horseback riding, fishing, and since we’ll be right on the beach, we will have plenty of beach time as well. They won’t want to miss it! If they want in on the fun then sign them up HERE today!



Learning the basics of canoeing, one row at a time at Canoe Camp.

If you have a boat lover then our On The Water Canoe Camp is perfect and open to beginners and experienced paddlers. This is the third camp and takes place at Martin Dies Jr. State Park in East Texas from July 18th-23rd. Your youth will learn the basics of canoeing with beautiful scenery all around them. By the end of the week they will have improved greatly on their abilities and learned some valuable lifeskills. Your youth will be exploring the Angelina and Neches Rivers confluence and learn about map/compass orienteering in the process. Of course there will be swimming and hiking too. If you think your youth is up for this challenge then this just might be the camp to sign up for.



Looking ready for anything during our Backpacking Camp

Our final and most challenging camp is our Hit the Trail Backpacking Camp. This camp takes place August 2nd-7th on one of the most beautiful backpacking trails in East Texas. We will be backpacking the “Trail Between the Lakes” in the Sabine National Forest. We will explore and learn about a variety of landscapes and animals that are native to the area. Your youth will participate in team building activities and learn about backpacking practices and primitive skills. There will be a lot of exploring and map/compass orienteering as we hike. Swimming will be a must with in the Texas summer and your youth will learn to motivate themselves and others to complete the 15 miles of trail we will be covering in three days. Your youth’s mission, should they chose to accept it, will be an unforgettable experience where they will bond with both nature and their campmates, while learning about themselves along the way. If you want to accept this challenge, just click HERE and register today.


Maybe you don’t have a youth and you want to join us on the adventure, you can! We are always looking for nature lovers who want to volunteer their time and knowledge to help us with our camps and programs. All you need to do is read up on Youth Odysseys mission and, if you can dig it, fill out a volunteer application and we can get the ball rolling.

If you can’t participate but want to support Youth Odyssey by helping to Send Kids to Camp, then you can donate HERE today! We appreciate all the support we get. Thank you!