February was Just the Tip of the Iceberg


FEB Chili's

Our homeschool programs came out to support Youth Odyssey at our Chili’s profit share.

As you may know, Youth Odyssey held a variety of fundraisers during the month of February, all benefiting our summer programs for at-risk youth. First, we continued to use our online donation page to raise funds for our summer camps and programs. Second, we reached out to Geeks Who Drink and held a “Quiz for a Cause” for local trivia enthusiasts. Third, we held our first ever profit-share with local restaurant, Chili’s Bar and Grill. And Lastly, we joined forces with Pinnacle Performance and Fitness for their monthly “Workout for a Cause”. It was a busy month and definitely a learning experience but it is paying off with donations and increased exposure.


Geeks Who Drink, Quiz for a Cause Event

Youth Odyssey’s goal is to raise $40,000 for our summer camps and programs this year. Our vision is to allow all local youth (who are interested) to have the opportunity to attend camp, experience and learn new things about nature and themselves; no matter their financial situation. Our efforts are focused on gaining sponsorships for disadvantaged youth.

However, our summer camps are open to ALL youth ages 10-17 who would like to experience the outdoors, gain an increased mastery of basic life-skills,  and create new friendships in the process. So far, with our February fundraisers and donations, we have received over $15,000 ($15,165 to be exact). Not too shabby considering that some of our events were totally new for us.

Previously, Youth Odyssey has partnered with Geeks Who Drink on two other occasions for fundraisers and they were gracious enough to support us for a third time with their “Quiz for a Cause” on February 17th. It was a great turnout and allowed us to gain additional community support. Another way we attempted to increase exposure was through our Chili’s fundraiser on February 23rd. This was the first profit-share event for the organization but it will definitely not be our last. We advertised on Facebook and Instagram in order to maximize the number of people it would reach. We also sent out emails and texts to friends and families as well as handed out flyers in person. With all of this at our disposal, Youth Odyssey is aiming to get the word out about who we are and what we do in this community; and hopefully, gain more support.


The Pinnacle Performance and Fitness Crew

Though not exactly a first for Youth Odyssey,  we partnered with Pinnacle Performance and Fitness, owned by Adam Farrell, a past Youth Odyssey board member, for a “Workout for a Cause.”  Adam led a tough 45-minute workout on Saturday, February 27th where each participant contributed $10. That $10 went directly to Youth Odyssey and, in a 45-minute class, we were able to raise $300! It’s always a good day when we have a successful fundraiser but it was a nice bonus to be able to join forces with an old friend and support each others businesses.

As previously mentioned, February was just the tip of the iceberg so to speak in our fundraising blitz. We aim to keep this momentum going all the way into our summer season and further to expand Youth Odyssey’s scope and reach. Our goal of $40,000 won’t be accomplished overnight (though that would be incredible) but we are headed in the right direction. If you are interested in helping us reach our goal, anyone can donate online at any time. We are utilizing social media to establish a hashtag for future Youth Odyssey events (#SupportYO). That way, next time you go to a fundraising event, volunteer for Youth Odyssey, or want to give us a shout out we will hear you loud and clear.

Time is another great way to donate with us. Youth Odyssey is always looking for excited and outdoor focused individuals to be volunteers during programs, camps, and outdoor excursions.

Let’s keep the ball rolling and see where the next few months will take us in our goal to “Send a Kid to Camp!”  Take a look at our summer schedule and register HERE!