Update on June Programs

Programs with reptiles!

Summer Programs

Although the last few months have been strange and challenging for programs, we have been fortunate enough to run a variation of programs this summer! Since April, we have been working to adapt our regular programs. These adapted programs were created in order to keep staff and students safe and engaged. In June we were able to do a few different programs: two day camps, twitch online, and adventure boxes.

"Direct contact with nature has direct benefits for children's physical, mental and emotional health. Free play opportunities in natural settings offer possibilities for restoration, and hence, well-being." -Stuart Lester and Martin Maudsley

Living Local

Last week we wrapped up our Living Local camp. During Living Local, we partnered with several different Corpus Christi organizations such as Grow Local and the South Texas Botanical Gardens. We love partnering with and learning from organizations who are thriving in our area.

Outdoor Adventure

This week, our Outdoor Adventure camp has been a hit! We have surfed, scuba dived, and hit the ropes course. Youth Odyssey is founded on a love of outdoor adventure, so this camp is often a summer favorite: summer 2020 has been no exception!

Twitch Programs

Since April, we have been hosting an online team building session on Twitch! Wednesdays at 4:00pm CST you can catch our facilitators running an interactive program. Each week we focus on a different life skill like communication or teamwork. We are very proud of the hard work our facilitator team has put into this program. Twitch will continue all summer long, so tune in and join on the fun we’re having!

Adventure Box Programs

Lastly, we have been delivering adventure boxes! Our team put together 250 Boxes, and we are delivering them to the community. The goal of the adventure box program is to engage youth ages 10-17 in an exciting and new way! Our adventure boxes are full of puzzle games, a stress ball, a rope and more! Check our last blog post to see more details.

"I learned a lot of things that could help me in the future. I had a lot of fun with all the different activities we did, and all the different places we went. I even laughed a lot and smiled" -Participant in Living Local

Although this summer has been different than anticipated, we are thankful for the opportunity to engage our youth in person and virtual programs. Wearing masks and social distancing is a small price to pay in order to work with youth and do some of our favorite activities! We plan to keep innovating and creating new things for youth to do in order to develop life skills and get outside!

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