Adventure Boxes coming soon!!

Adventure can come in many ways to those who seek it. For some Youth Odyssey participants,  this may come in the shape of fun activity filled boxes. With all that has happened in the last few months, many changes have had to happen. But the the mission for youth development stays true. The adventure boxes being packaged for our youth, have been prepared with the intentions of providing fun and stimulating activities to do at home. Although not ideal, these boxes come with an array of tools and games so that every teen can find something they can enjoy.

Check Out these Adventure Boxes!

Adventure Boxes

The adventure boxes are not intended to replace the real thing. The experience and knowledge gained from exploring the outdoors is irreplaceable. But what they can do is provide a slight alternative to those with more limitations, and perhaps even spark an interest. Everyone is different in so many ways. Youth Odyssey knows that, and for that reason we have created diverse boxes to aid in the appreciation of the outdoors and youth development. This year is the first year Youth Odyssey has ever done something like this. But if successful,  it may become something we continue to do in the future.

The process of creating the adventure boxes was new, but it was fun. There was a lot of teamwork involved here. I’m not sure the image does it justice. There are videos on our YouTube channel that give a better ideas of just how awesome this process was. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing 200 boxes being completed in the short time that we had. I don’t know what “stress” everyone was talking about (HAHA).

You can get yours!

So if these boxes sound interesting to you, stay tuned to our posts and see where you can get your hands on one. Our goal is always to develop skills in youth through the use of a variety of outdoor adventure activities. Due to these circumstances, this process has become harder, but not impossible. We hope that these Adventure boxes provide enough stimulus, and entertainment for those who want to participate.  You can always contact us with any questions. Or visit any of our social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for additional information and great giveaways!