Scavenger Hunt with Youth Odyssey

Even though most of us are home bound. There are still ways for you to do fun things with the family. One of the ways is by going out and participating in Youth Odyssey’s photo scavenger hunt. Respecting the city rules, Youth Odyssey has created a way for you to go out and see things with the family. For every square that can be applied to you, all you have to do is take a picture. You can submit these pictures to our Facebook or other social media sites where we can access them and give shout outs throughout the week to come.

Here is the link to our Facebook so that you can save download the scavenger hunt photo and access it remotely. Remember to please respect each others spaces and to obey all city rules and regulations during these times. This opportunity is to create a way for the family to go out together. There are other resources out there like this that are be being provided by many people.