School Adventure Challenge Programs this Spring!

Mark your calendars!

School Adventure Challenge Programs are returning! We have eight different school programs this Spring, all starting the week of Feb 4th. Each program is going to be action packed with outdoor activities. So, who should attend? Great question; teens between the ages of 10-17 years of age who have ever wanted to go rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, camping, and have a lot of fun. And best part, it’s FREE! These programs provide positive development through adventure challenge / outdoor education and life skills curriculum.

Note: Adventure Challenge Programs are open to any youth ages 10-17. Youth Odyssey does not discriminate based on disabilities or race.  

School Programs

Each Adventure Challenge Program is broken into 3 main levels. First, Level One is our Portable Team Challenges. Second, Level Two is the Ropes Course. Lastly, Level Three is the Adventure Wilderness Trips, or also known as camping trips. This Spring we are going bring lots of energy and excitement each day as the teens journey through our programs and stretch themselves into their best versions! Below are a more detailed description of each program level


Program Levels

School Adventure Challenge Programs

School Adventure Challenge Program Times and Locations:

Corpus Christi ISD 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm.

Gregory-Portland ISD  3:45 pm – 5:45 pm.

Note: Spring Programs run from February 4th-May 2nd

Program Schedule

Gregory-Portland ISD Schedule

  • Martin Middle School


  • GPISD 8th Grade

    Monday’s. *Program only available to GP students

  • Cunningham Middle School


  • Haas Middle School


  • South Park Middle School


  • Driscoll Middle School


  • Baker Middle School


  • Hamlin Middle School



Get Outdoors!

In conclusion, if your teen wants to have fun, explore the outdoors, and making new friends; then Youth Odyssey is place for them! Above all we would love to get your youth involved in our programs. You can reach out to us anytime for questions or if you need more information give us a call at (361)-793-9691!

You may also reach us on our website @ https:/