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Adventure Challenge Program

School season is here and subsequently this means our school Adventure Challenge Programs are back on! We run these programs throughout the year, however, we are very excited to be back into the school season. Each of the programs are designed to provide at-risk youth ages 10-17 with positive development through life skills curriculum, and adventure challenge programming. Above all, the best part is the programs are FREE! All youth will be stretched out of their comfort zones, and more. In summary, the outdoors coupled with youth development means tons of fun!

Note: Adventure Challenge Programs are open to any youth ages 10-17. Youth Odyssey does not discriminate based on disabilities or race.¬†¬

portable team challenge adventure

The Adventure Challenge Programs are a lot fun but also challenging. Hence the name! As an example, throughout the program each youth will learn more about what it means to be a leader, work as team,  the importance of goal-setting, and to trust others. In addition, they will have the opportunity to go on two trips both in the fall and spring semesters. Furthermore, the list below explains the progression of the program, and trips in further detail.

ropes course adventure

Program Levels

A fun day trip to our ropes course where youth participate in low and high elements. Low elements consist of activities on the ground that foster teamwork, overcoming challenges, and support. The high elements such as rock-climbing and walking across a cable suspended 35 feet in the air, are facilitated by trained and certified belayers.

School Adventure Challenge Programs

All school adventure challenge programs meet from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm.¬

Fall 2018 Schedule: October 8th – December 13th

Spring 2019  Schedule: February 4th РMay 2nd

Schools in Session

  • Baker Middle School

    Wednesday’s. Meet in the cafeteria.

  • Driscoll Middle School

    Wednesday’s. Meet in cafeteria.

  • Cunningham Middle School

    Monday’s. Meet in cafeteria.

  • Hamlin Middle School

    Thursday’s. Meets in cafeteria.

  • Martin Middle School

    Monday’s. Meet in cafeteria.

  • Haas Middle School

    Tuesday’s. Meet on blacktop by band hall.

  • South Park Middle School

    Tuesday’s. Meet in cafeteria.

  • Gregory-Portland Middle School (6th-Grade only)

    Monday’s. Meet behind gym in courtyard. This program is only open to youth attending G-PISD schools.

  • Gregory-Portland Middle School (7th-Grade only)

    Tuesday’s. Meet behind gym in courtyard. This program is only open to youth attending G-PISD schools.

Gregory-Portland ISD Schedule

camping trip adventure

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In conclusion, if your youth wants to have fun, explore the outdoors, and making new friends; then Youth Odyssey is place for them! Above all we would love to get your youth involved in our programs. In the meantime reach out to us anytime for questions you may have. Also, give us a call at (361)-793-9691 to learn more!

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