No Time To Siesta, Let’s Fiesta!

Summer is coming fast and everyone here at Youth Odyssey is gearing up to make this summer super successful! We believe that camp has the power to change the lives of teens in major ways! Summer camp provides the ideal environment for growth because of its neutrality and opportunities to take safe risks. We also... Read more »

3 Real Ways You Can Change A Kid’s Life

As a kid, I was in almost every way average. That includes my average self-confidence. Once I was old enough to go to camp (about 6th grade) I was ecstatic. It was my first time away from my parents for an entire week. I was nervous but I couldn’t wait to have fun and make... Read more »

Summer Camp Registration is OPEN!

IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! Summer camp registration is open! We are so excited to get our Summer 2018 season off to a great start because last year was so successful. Youth Odyssey is bringing back all of your favorite camps as well as the two camps that were new last year Girl’s Empowerment &... Read more »

St. Marks Ropes Course – Outside Scoop

Youth Odyssey has a Ropes Course! Did you know?! The Ropes Course is one of our favorite places to take the kids because of how much it stretches and grows them. A Ropes Course can be very challenging, but also very rewarding. We love to push ourselves as far as we can while relying on... Read more »

Parenting Corner- Discipline is Positive!

Welcome back to the Parenting Corner! This month I want to focus on the lovely concept of discipline. Though easy in theory, consistent discipline is often hard to do! What do I mean by discipline? It means having rules and a schedule! According to, the definition of “discipline” is “the practice of training people... Read more »

Meet Our New Team Member, Brad!

As many loyal followers know, our Program Director, Brian, left the team this past December. What you might not know is that Rick (author of our fabulous Outside Scoop blogs) has stepped up and taken over the role of Program Director. That left us the tasks of filling Rick’s facilitator position. Thus the search began... Read more »

Our New Ropes Course Building!

Some might remember last May when we got a HUGE check from the Charity League to start Phase II of our Ropes Course Renovations! Well, we started immediately with the demolition of our old building. It was bittersweet watching that thing come down. So many memories were made under that pavilion but, we couldn’t wait... Read more »

Packing a Tent- Outside Scoop

Here at Youth Odyssey we are passionate about camping, it is a way for us to connect with nature and the outdoors. Many friendships have been built during our program camping trips. One of the main things we need when we go camping anywhere, is our tent. The tent is our main shelter on camping... Read more »

Parenting Corner- The Power of Reframing

This month’s parenting corner is all about the power of reframing! What is reframing, you may ask? It “is a way of viewing and experiencing events, ideas, concepts and emotions to find more positive alternatives.” Not only do we need to focus on reframing our own thinking, but train our children to do the same.... Read more »

Youth Leader Spotlight: Sierra

World, meet Sierra! She’s an amazing Youth Leader of ours. Sierra’s a senior this year but she’s been involved in Youth Odyssey since she was in 6th grade (she’s a master camper at this point). This week, I sat down with her and asked a few questions about her experience with Youth Odyssey. But first, let’s get... Read more »